Our Approach

SunChase seeks to provide capital to enterprises that are underserved by the investment community. Since the aftermath of the financial crisis, our investments have typically been to distressed or “un-bankable” companies via working capital, bankruptcy, management buy-out and growth financing. We have a preference for asset-backed deals and typically partner with EBITDA positive companies with at least $5 million in annual revenue.

The Sunchase Advantage

Our Investment Team is headed by seasoned professionals with over 100 years of combined transaction, advisory and operating experience. As a Single Family Office, SunChase is unburdened by regulatory constraints. This allows for flexible underwriting and creative transaction solutions. With the majority of investments funded with in-house capital, we are able to make quick funding decisions with no need to seek out external capital sources.

Investment Parameters

Deal Type
  • Investment of > $3mm
  • Debt / Note Purchase
  • Asset-Backed Lending
  • Equity / Mezz. (Select Cases)

Industry Focus
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Business Services
  • Distribution
  • Financial Payments

Location Preference
  • Southwestern population centers
  • Strong market dynamics
  • Favorable demographics

Representative Investments

  • Manufacturing Company
    Distressed Assets

    Following the purchase of a package of loans, SunChase provided an additional $3 million debtor-in-possession loan to a Phoenix-based furniture manufacturer. The proceeds allowed the company to maintain operations in order to meet order fulfillment obligations to existing customers. SunChase also managed the disposition of the company’s operating assets, maximizing value for the benefit of the estate.

  • Energy Services: Marine

    SunChase provided a $2.5 million revolving line of credit to an un-bankable, Houston-based deepwater oil & gas field development and operations company. During the steep decline in commodity prices in 2015, SunChase continued to assist by providing a $26 million equipment term loan to refinance outstanding debt with a difficult lender.

  • Residential Utility
    DIP Lending

    SunChase provided a $3 million debtor-in-possession loan secured by commercial real estate and two waste and water utilities. Because the utility was showing progress in their restructuring efforts, the DIP loan was extended multiple times to provide room for continued operations. The utility has now emerged successfully and obtained new exit financing from a third-party bank.

  • Payments Company
    Growth Equity & Acquisition Financing

    SunChase provided over $7 million in equity financing to a California-based payment gateway and merchant services company. This consisted of both early stage financing and on-going acquisitions of merchant portfolios. SunChase is the majority shareholder, holds a seat on the company’s board of directors and is actively involved in day-to-day management.